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About TAW... 

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I'm Michael Flynn. Started acting when I was 15 and haven't stopped. Stage. Film. TV. Commercials. VOs. Narration. And then some. 

Got into writing/directing/producing film around 20 years ago. About that same time I began working with actors. Mentoring. Helping. That led to The Actors Workshop. I moved into my studio about 10 years ago. Been tweaking it ever since. 

Each month I get together a group of actors and we go to work. Check out some of their work on this website. It'll give you an idea what we're up to. 

Want to join us? Great. Get in touch and I'll take it from there. Looking forward to working with you. 

Cheers... M. 

Sample Scenes

Sample Scenes

Click on the image below to see some scenes we've shot in the Workshop.

Actor Feedback

Actor Feedback... 


TAW FAQs... 

I get a lot of questions about TAW. I'll try to be clear and concise. And you can always text me your questions. You can also check out what other actors are saying about the Workshop.

  • An overview... 

    • TAW is a no-nonsense workshop.

    • The core of TAW is scene work. Two actors and me working together for hours at a time.

    • No tricks. No "exercises". Just hard work. Scene work.

    • We rehearse the scenes. I direct them. I shoot them. I edit them.

    • Then I screen your scenes for a panel of Casting Directors and Agents.

    • I upload your scenes to my website so you can study your work. And learn.

    • It's not play time. I take it very seriously. It's hard work. But... a lot of fun.

    • I will push you as an actor. I'll assign scenes that push you.

    • If you're looking for someone to tell you how wonderful you are... my Workshop is probably not your cup of tea.

    • If I love your work... I'll tell you. If I don't... I'll tell you. In each case I'll try to take you to the next level. 

    • That's what the Workshop is all about. Hard work. Fun. Progress. 

  • Some details... 

    • All scenes are two-person scenes.

    • I pair the actors and assign the scenes.

    • Depending on a couple variables, each actor spends about 18-20 hours in studio over the course of a Workshop. 

    • Three-hour blocks for each scene. 4:00-7:00 and 7:00-10:00, over about a ten-day period.

    • During your three-hour blocks we rehearse the scene, I shoot the scene and then edit it, getting it ready for the final session when I bring in a panel of film professionals to critique your work and give feedback. 

    • There will be an online signup sheet where actors select which three-hour slots work best for them.

  • Do I have enough experience to sign up?

    • Well... that depends. If you don't have any experience at all, stage or film, and you just want to see what it's like to take an acting workshop... my workshop is probably not a good place to start. It is a professional film acting workshop and is best suited for actors with some stage and/or film experience. Having said that, I have had some inexperienced actors join, after twisting my arm, and some have done quite well. 

  • Scene work is the heart and soul of the Workshop. 

    • Each actor decides how many scenes they want to do. Two or three. Scene work is intensive. There's a lot of time that goes into each scene. Outside the workshop... you have to memorize your scenes. I'm not a fan of short, easy, meaningless scenes. I usually, depending on the actors involved, assign fairly lengthy, sometimes complicated scenes. Check out these scenes that have been done in my studio. You contact your scene partner, work with them before coming to the studio, via phone or online, usually. Then we meet in the studion for about three hours for each of your scenes. It's a commitment on your part. To yourself and your craft. 

Hope that helps. Like I said, shoot me a text with any questions. 




Contact Info...

1400 South Foothill Drive Suite 225

Salt Lake City, UT 84108 


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